Posted by: ginaandcharlie | November 10, 2009

Jack Ass Ginger Falls Is A Portal To Straub Hospital

Hey Guys!

On Saturday Gina and I went to a waterfall with our friends called Jack Ass Ginger Falls.  There was a 15 foot cliff jump into the falls pool, a rock waterslide, and a rope swing!  These three attractions gave us a good hour or so of fun.  We got our friend Jean Marie to get over her fear of heights by way of the rope swing, and then there was no stopping her! 

It had rained on and off while we were there and when I took my first step to go back to the cars, I slipped and fell down the trail.  When I stood up Gina said “Oh no! Babe, your toe is bleeding!”  When I looked down, my sandal was covered in blood and mud.  So, after much convincing/demanding from Gina, we went to the hospital where I got 4 stitches in my toe!!  Stitches were followed up with a Mai Thai at Islands Restaurant!  Great end to an eventful day!!

Phone Pix 008

At the head of the Judd Trail

Phone Pix 012

Gina jumping from the rope swing


The beautiful accomodations at Straub Hospital



  1. Now, I wonder how the falls got its name – Jack Ass Ginger Falls. Hmmmm. Maybe someone named Ginger, sometime in the past, did the same thing as you, and therefore the name, “Jack-Ass”. Sorry. Just joking at your expense. I think its great that you all are discovering all these neat places. How do you like those trees with all the unusual roots hanging down, (or “up”?)? I loved all the odd Flora etc. in Hawaii. Hope all is well. Cousin Barbara

  2. You wild child!!! I love it!!

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