Posted by: ginaandcharlie | November 10, 2009

A Happy All Hallows Eve Was Had By All

So it’s been a busy week but I’m back babies!

So Halloween!!!  We went out to China Town, which is alot like Albany’s Lark Street.  So you can guess Gina and I feel at home there.  There was an awesome street festival where we saw a few really great bands.  My favorate were All The Apparatus, and they sang pirate songs for their entire set. AWESOME!! Check them out!

Our camera broke and I can’t find any pics of Gina as a flamenco dancer but when I do I will post it for you.  I was a cereal killer (bloodied-up Honey Nut Cheerios with a knife through it!).  The costumes that night were amazing.  My personal favorite was our friend Erin’s; a lufa.  It was really good! 

We also dressed up to attend our friend Gina and Marcus’ wedding in spirit.  It was on Halloween in Syracuse, NY.  We miss them and love them, and pray that God will bless them for the rest of their lives.  Gina was our photographer at our wedding!  Her website is  I suggest you check it out!

Phone Pix 005


halloween pic

Kellen (Tarzan) getting lifted by Charlie



Gina & Marcus


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