Posted by: ginaandcharlie | September 5, 2009

When Friends Come to Town!

  • So I know it’s been like 2 weeks since we last posted, and since then we had our friends Megan and Sam come to visit!  It was a really fun time, and a nice piece of home.  It was an excuse for us to go and explore parts of the island that we haven’t seen yet.  We went to the North Shore, to the Waimea Botanical Gardens where we got to swim under a waterfall.  Super awesome, but the whole time your under it you struggle to keep your eyes open.   Then we went snorkeling pretty much right across the street from the Gardens at Three Tables,  it’s called that because the reef breaks the water surface at three spots.  WE SAW A TURTLE!!!!  I got up close and personal with it, and I wish I had a camera to take a picture.  We went into Honolulu, and showed them around.  We also went to a luau, which was pretty cool, especially watching them try to hula.  I know they did some exploring of their own, to Pearl Harbor and Chinatown.  Now for the story of their visit that I love most…So I took Megan and Sam to a beach near our place.  We go snorkeling, and while I’m exploring I hear shouting through my snorkeling tube.  So I look up to see what’s going on and Meg and Sam are trying to get my attention.  So I swim over to them, and Megan has managed to lose her mask, tube AND underwater camera to the ocean.  I look down and they are all pretty close to each other, so I take a breath and get them all, then we go back to exploring.  A few minutes go by and I realize that they aren’t near me so I look up and they are on the beach.  So I go back to see what’s up.  Apparently while they were snorkeling a wave came and took Megan’s top off!!  “HAHAHA!!”  was my response.  They tried to get it back on with teamwork in the ocean, but had to come in to shore to get the job done.  Needless to say it was pretty funny and my favorite story of their visit.  So I’ve posted some pics.  The one of the turtle is with Megan’s camera.  Oh and the job hunt is a little slow here, I just got a negative response on a job I applied for back in July, so you can imagine my frustration.  Everything is slow in Hawaii and I am having a hard time keeping that in mind.  In the meantime I have started working at a local Starbucks.  Not what I wanted, but it’s suplimental money, and I have to learn to be greatful for that.   I am calling back a company next week that said they would call me back by last week, but she said they were really busy which is why it might take longer.  It’s been 4 weeks now, and I really feel like this is exactly like the job I had back home.  SO  Fingers Crossed!!   We love everyone, and really miss you guys!!!
Sam, Gina & Megan at the Luau

Sam, Gina & Megan at the Luau





Gina and I under the waterfall

Gina and I under the waterfall



  1. hey guys!!! looks like you’re having so much fun!!!! Charlie…just wanted to comment and say that Gabe and I will be praying for you! miss you guys!

  2. That waterfall picture is priceless!! BAAAAH – We have to catch up. Skype. ASAP!

  3. ….great pics!…….dad and I went to some waterfals of our own..but not like yours!…….I wiah I could’ve been up close and personal with the turtal, too………is your phone fixed?…..we miss hearing your voices…..Gina’s working, huh?………………….Starbucks is always good for you…………..and I am glad you have had a taste of home with your friends…..Cari has me on Skype but no camera yet………… always, mom…………

  4. I meant, is Gina’s phone still working?…NOT if she is still working…lol………..Gina, how do you like teaching??…….love always, mom…..

  5. It’s hysterical that your favorite story of our trip there is about me loosing everything I possibly could when trying to snorkel. We miss you guys!

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