Posted by: ginaandcharlie | August 6, 2009

When Creation Informs You You’re Out of Shape and Gina’s First Day of School

So Friday was Gina’s first day of school, and to pass the time I decided to climb a mountain.  Or, to at least try as it turns out.  I am out of shape.  I had these visions of granduer to climb part of what is left of Wai’anae Volcano’s Caldera.  Quick geology lesson:  The Wai’anae Range is what remains of the older of the two volcanoes that make up O’ahu.  The western part of the Wai’anae Volcano no longer exists due to a mass wasting event that I can’t seem to find the date for.  The volcano itself is approximately 3 million years old.   So most of my hiking takes place within the eroded caldera of the Wai’anae volcano, called the Lualualei Caldera.

I was able to make it half way to the first peak of the Kamaile’unu Ridge which separates the Makaha and Wai’anae Valleys.  On Tuesday my friends Kellen and Andrew joined me and we made it almost all the way to the highest peak we think.  This climb is more of a straight up rock climb than a leisurely hike, to our defense.  The next day we were hurtin’.  We all forgot our cameras, which sucked because we came across a pack of about 40 wild goats!  That we could hear for the rest of the hike.

Back to Friday…it was Gina’s First Day of SCHOOL!!  So we have pictures of that too.  Yeah Gina making money while I goof off.  I am looking for a job but it seems to be taking awhile.

Makaha Valley

Makaha Valley

Puu Kea'au across Makaha Valley

Puu Kea'au across Makaha Valley

Wai'anae Valley

Wai'anae ValleyGina's First Day!

Gina's First Day!!

Gina's First Day!!



  1. Tip for charlie: Show up to the job interview in a hawaiian shirt and flip flops. That should help. (I’m serious).

    That’s so cool that you guys moved to Hawaii! Wohooo

  2. It might take me a while to find a job out there too! especially if i got to hike all the time:)

  3. Gigi cute picture! I hope school is going AWESOME!

    Yeah like Kimberly said up there … Charlie tip for finding a job … Show up for the job interview, if you don’t go the interview you probably won’t get the job…..
    AH HA HA HA HA …. I made myself laugh 😀

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