Posted by: ginaandcharlie | August 6, 2009

Hello Again

The base of Mauna Lahilahi

The base of Mauna Lahilahi

So I’m an idiot and accidentally deleted the text from our first post….oops!  Anyway, Gina and I went on a hike last week I think it was and I wanted to show you all the pictures.  It was pretty funny because the whole way up the wind kept picking up and so Gina was not a fan.  Granted there were almost complete drop offs on either side of the ridge we climbed.  It was beautiful!


Yes, Charlie, it was beautiful.  As I crawled (on all fours) over the terrain that was approx. six inches wide I was able to catch a glorious glimpse of the ocean…that was a direct 200ft drop.  Did we mention the wind whipping past us and the fact that I was in wet Tivas?  Oh yeah, and most of it was vertical.  I am only smiling in the photo because I made it up there alive.  As charlie gushes about the volcanic rocks, I pray that I will live (all limbs in tact) to teach another day.

The top of Lahilahi

The top of Lahilahi

What a view of Makaha

What a view of Makaha



  1. Gimme more!!!!!!!!!!

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